Prep boys’ soccer: Coaches’ All-State Team

First Published      Last Updated Jun 30 2016 09:41 pm

Class 5A


Drake Cook • Viewmont, Jr., FOR

Braden Bailey • Lone Peak, Sr., FOR/MID

Tyler Trump • Viewmont, Jr., GK

Blaine Chambers • Layton, Jr., DEF

Alec Ferrin • Fremont, Jr., FOR/MID

Austin Freeman • Fremont, Jr., DEF

Gavin Flitton • Davis, Sr., MID

Jaden Wood • Sky View, Sr., FOR

Josh Wilson • Layton, Sr., FOR

Kaden Amano • Layton, Jr., MID

Sam Hess • American Fork, Jr., DEF


Easton Embley • Layton, Jr. MID

Fahot Yogol • Hunter, Sr., FOR

Harrison Harmon • Sky View, Sr., MID

Jack Fox • Viewmont, Sr., MID

Jesus Arellano • Hunter, Sr., DEF

Justin Motzkus • Hunter, Sr., GK

Max Garrett • Layton, Sr., DEF

Stantson Miles • Bingham, Sr., DEF

Tyler Gundred • Lone Peak, Jr., FOR/MID

Adam Brinkerhoff • Hunter, Sr., DEF

Austin Munoz • Weber, Sr., GK


Braxton Ferrin • Weber, Jr., DEF

Caleb Droesbeke • Mountain Crest, Sr., DEF

Chad Gehring • Sky View, Jr., DEF

Chandler Parkinson • Northridge, Sr., DEF

Christian Alfaro • Hunter, Sr., FOR

Connor Larsen • Sky View, Sr., DEF

Courage Cottrell • Davis , Sr., DEF

Class 4A


Jonathan Ruvalcaba • Provo, Sr., FOR

Dawson Beutler • Maple Mountain, Jr., FOR

Hugo Olivera • East, Sr., FOR/MID

Ian Stonehocker • Maple Mountain, Jr., FOR

Braden Patten • Orem, Sr., DEF

Jaxon Clarke • Ogden, Jr., FOR/MID

Sam Krommenhoek • Maple Mountain, Sr., DEF

Tyler Lloyd • Maple Mountain, Sr., DEF

Carlos Rodriguez • Ogden, Sr., FOR/MID

Cole Palmer • Bountiful, Sr., GK

Dan Rhondeau • East, Sr., FOR


Elias Lartey • Mountain View, Sr., DEF

Thomas Morgan • East, Sr., DEF

Toby Holmes • Wasatch, Sr., FOR/MID

Bailey Proulx • Bonneville, Sr., FOR/MID

Josh Christensen • Highland, Sr., DEF

McKay Heaton • Provo, Sr., MID

Spencer Rasmussen • Alta, Sr., DEF

Spencer Young • Maple Mountain, Sr., GK

Brett Gowans • Orem, Sr., FOR/MID

Chandler Syrett • Alta, Sr., GK

Dustin Lana • Bonneville, Sr., FOR/MID


Jesus Cazares Gallegos • East, Sr., FOR

Mads Dalbram • Ogden, Jr., DEF

Reynaldo Hernandez • Ogden, Sr., DEF

Zach Wells • Orem, Sr., FOR/MID

Aidan Dayton • Maple Mountain, Jr., MID

Gerado Sanchez • Provo, Jr., DEF

Hunter Clarke • Ogden, Jr., GK

Class 3A


Brandon Sands • Juan Diego, Sr., MID

Angel Muniz • Snow Canyon, Sr., MID

Branson Stafford • Snow Canyon , Sr., DEF

Mikey Haug • Dixie, Jr., DEF

Woodey Greer • Juan Diego, Sr., DEF

Av'ry Green • Dixie, Sr., MID

Jered Mariani • Juan Diego, So., FOR/MID

Ruben Castillo • Juan Diego, Jr., FOR

Tyler Bennett • Dixie, Sr., FOR

Julien Williamson • Juan Diego, Sr., DEF

Martin Kelly • Juan Diego, So., GK


Michael DiGeronimo • Juan Diego, Sr., FOR

Quinn Hargis • Snow Canyon, Jr., GK

Garrett Albright • Juan Diego, Sr., FOR/MID

Raynger Keckler • Logan, Jr., DEF

Adrian Torres • Snow Canyon, Jr., DEF

Alex Saunders • Juan Diego, So, DEF

Hunter Spray • Desert Hills, Sr., FOR/MID

Axel Vichi • Snow Canyon, Jr., FOR/MID

David Hurtado • Juan Diego, Jr., FOR/MID

Ethan Poulton • Dixie, Sr., GK

Jonny Guadarama • Logan, Jr., MID


Jose Morales • Dixie, So., FOR

Nate Johansen • Stansbury, Sr., DEF

Yetzel Carrillo • Snow Canyon, So., MID

Brennan Stewart • Desert Hills, Sr., DEF

Caleb Andersen • Stansbury, Jr., FOR/MID

Carson Goodrich • Union, Sr., FOR/MID

Evan Carlyle • Juan Diego, Jr., DEF

Class 2A


Cale Lopez • Waterford, Sr., MID

Dan Beesley • Waterford, Sr., MID

Taylor Brand • Maeser Prep, Jr., FOR

Max Evans • Waterford, Sr., FOR

Nathan Weller • South Summit, Sr., DEF

Reese Law • Waterford, Jr., GK

Simon Logue • Rowland Hall, So., DEF

Alex Aguirre • Waterford, Fr., FOR

Michael Wayman • Manti, Sr., FOR

Moises Mazariegos • American Leadership, Jr., DEF

Patrick Dowd • Waterford, Sr., MID


Calvin Karangwa • Layton Christian, Sr., FOR

Jorge Lemus • Manti, Jr., MID

Henry Gilbert • Rowland Hall, Sr., DEF

Jordan Abdalla • Rowland Hall, Jr., MID

Nate Olsen • Manti, Sr., DEF

Nicholas Beasley • South Summit, Jr., GK

Sean Keough • Waterford, Sr., FOR

Tate Reynolds • Waterford, So., FOR

Alan Chaparro • Gunnison, Jr. MID

Canyon Caldwell • Gunnison, Jr., GK

Ahston Dieli • Emery, Jr., FOR


Chris Shober • Gunnison, Sr., DEF

Colton Holder • Gunnison, Sr., DEF

Ethan Winter • Emery, Jr., MID

Honorio Jimenez-Ortiz • Manti, Jr., FOR/MID

Jared Blazzard • South Summit, Sr., DEF

Kyler White • Gunnison, Jr., FOR/MID

Sam Oliver • Rowland Hall, Sr., FOR/MID



How the all-state teams were chosen

All of the state’s boys’ soccer head coaches were asked to vote for All-State teams from their school’s respective classification. Each coach was given a blank ballot to fill out, and asked to select six forwards/midfielders, four defenders and one goalkeeper, for both First Team and Second Team. Two points were awarded for a first-team vote, and one point for a second-team vote. The All-State teams reflect the results of the coaches’ voting, with no alterations made by Tribune or TribPreps staff.