Girls’ basketball: Sky View’s Lindsey Jensen earns All-Tribune MVP

First Published      Last Updated Mar 31 2015 09:28 pm

After leading Sky View to unbeaten season and 4A title, Lindsey Jensen is MVP.

Smithfield • Lindsey Jensen's life is built around basketball.

Whether it was shooting baskets at a Little Tyke hoop when she could barely walk, challenging her 6-foot-11 brother Riley at the family's driveway hoop, sneaking off to the gym to shoot baskets on a bad day, or watching the Aggies or Jazz, the Sky View star has been obsessed.

The 5-11 guard's efforts paid off handsomely this season, as she led the Bobcats to an unbeaten season, a Class 4A state championship and earned herself a scholarship to play at Utah State next season.

As a result, she is also The Salt Lake Tribune's 2015 girls' Most Valuable Player.

Asked what she likes to do for fun, Jensen smiled.

"Basketball," she said. "That's all I do with my life. It is where my joy comes from. In my free time, I'm always in the gym. When I hang out with friends, I usually end up getting a pickup game. We go to someone's house and watch Jazz games. I go to USU games when I can."

It helps to come from a family that enjoys hoops.

Lindsey's older brother Riley played for the Bobcats and, after his Mormon church mission, is at Western Nebraska playing college basketball. Her dad, Brian, was a Bobcat player. Younger brother Josh, at 6-4, is an up-and-coming freshman at Sky View. And even third-grader Nick gets into the action.

"The more I watch, the bigger fan I get to be," said Lindsey's mom, Liz. "That's all we do is ball. I don't even make a schedule. Every day is ball day."

Liz also said Lindsey has a rebel's spirit at times.

"She is that child that there is no persuading her that there is anything different than what she wants," said Liz. "She wants what she wants. She is relentless. She will hound you until she gets what she wants. There is never anything bad. If she wants to go out, she says give me my list of what I need to do so she can crank through it and get what she wants. … Strong-willed is a perfect word."

Lindsey doesn't consider herself a rebel.

"Mom said that because basketball is all I do," she said. "I kind of have that mean look on the court. But I am not really a rebellious child."

The results of that single-mindedness and strong will are impressive. This season, Jensen averaged 23.4 points, 5.8 rebounds, 3.5 steals and 2.0 assists per game on a team that some would argue was the state's best.

"She was a good leader for our team," said sophomore center Hunter Krebs. "She kind of helped direct the team. If someone got down, she lifted them up."

Junior Bobcat center Kelsey Chapman said the team learned that they could count on Jensen for her rebounding and scoring.

"Her experience with the tournament helped a lot," said Chapman. "She taught us to treat it like any other game."

Sky View coach Kimber Hall always admired his star's enthusiasm.

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About Lindsey Jensen

» 5-foot-11 senior guard

» Averaged 23.4 points, 5.8 rebounds, 3.5 steals and 2.0 assists per game

» Led Bobcats to an unbeaten season and Class 4A title

» Signed to play for Utah State