The Utah women’s basketball team will travel through Italy with stops in Rome, Florence, Venice and Como from Saturday to Aug. 15.

The team will play three games during the trip.

It marks the first summer overseas trip since coach Lynne Roberts took over the program in 2016.

Roberts says both she and her players are excited to make the journey.

Rome Itinerary

Aug. 6: Sightseeing, team meal

Aug. 7: Sightseeing, practiceFlorence Itinerary

Aug. 8: Sightseeing

Aug. 9: Sightseeing, pregame meal game one (TK Hannover)

Venice Itinerary

Aug. 10: Sightseeing, gondola tours

Aug. 11: Full day of sightseeing, shopping

Aug. 12: Boat ride, youth clinic in Trieste, game two (ASD Pallacanestro Inter Club)

Como Itinerary

Aug. 13: Bus to Como, tour Lake Como

Aug. 14: Sightseeing, pregame meal, game three (FSG Academy)

“These trips are hugely valuable,” Roberts said in a statement. ”Obviously, from a basketball standpoint, we are allowed 10 practices this summer leading up to the trip that will really help jump start the season when official practices being in the fall. But even more so, it is an invaluable learning experience for our players. To spend time in a foreign country, learn about another culture, the history, and the overall experience is such a tremendous opportunity. We are excited.”