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Park City is home to some of the most naturally beautiful vistas, skiing and outdoor activities on the planet – no one who has ever been here is going to question this. As such, the real estate market...

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    Why Park City’s Luxury Real Estate is Being Auctioned to the Highest Bidder
    Park City is home to some of the most naturally beautiful vistas, skiing and outdoor activities on the planet – no one who has ever been here is going...
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    Five pitfalls to avoid when buying a condo or townhouse
    Buying a home is a complicated undertaking no matter what property you buy. However, if your purchase is within a planned community — perhaps as a con...
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    Utah Arts Festival: Four days of music, culture...and art!
    As Utah’s largest outdoor multi-disciplinary arts event, the Utah Arts Festival once again will transform Library Square into a four-day city of art J...
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    8 inspection pitfalls to avoid when buying a home
    You may not realize it, but much of your work in a real estate transaction comes after you sign a contract. That’s because you are now responsible f...
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    An Insider’s Guide to Lava Hot Springs
    Lava Hot Springs—the resort community located in southeastern Idaho—is often known and lauded for its collection of clear, odorless geothermal hot spr...

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    You may be procrastinating on your taxes if...
    It’s April and this year 4 million more taxpayers are waiting until the last two weeks to file their tax returns. A new law meant to combat fraud cont...
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    Professional-in-Residence Jim Mortensen Prepares Students to Become Top Advisors
    Utah Valley University Professional-in-Residence (professor) Jim Mortensen has only been in academia for a few years. But, his decades-worth experienc...
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    When to get professional tax help and when to do your own taxes
    About 60 percent of taxpayers use a professional tax preparer while the other 40 percent do their own taxes, mostly using DIY software or programs. Fo...
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    5 Reasons Why Family River Rafting is the Best Way to Escape
    Planning a great vacation for the family takes much consideration such as your children’s ages, their interests, your personal preferences and of cour...
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    10 Pizza Places You Might Not Have Tried
    The perfect pizza must have a scrumptious sauce, a good texture and your favorite toppings on a delectable crust. Pizza is an all-in-one meal that bri...
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