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Unsealed documents show problems at Denver jail

First Published      Last Updated Jun 14 2014 03:21 pm

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In an affidavit signed by Page, he accused Rumer of frequently being drunk, once catching the deputy with a thermos filled with vodka.

He said Rumer brought pornography magazines into the pod and sold them for $3 a page or $10 in soda pop tokens for a magazine.

"Rumer would let me control the pod," Page's affidavit says. "Rumer would allow me to give other inmates violations such as 50 punches to the chin or straight up two minutes (with four homies)."

The punishment was dealt in the cleaning closet or the shower. "If someone left without a pumpkin head I would make it happen again." Rumer would unlock the closet and turn lights off in the bathroom to enable the beat downs, the inmate alleged.

He would lock down all cells in the pod and let an inmate out of his cell that he wanted beaten and Page and three other "trustees" would do the beat down.

"I was his muscle," the report said.

Rumer would tell Page who the snitches and sex offenders were. It was Rumer who told Page that Hunter was snitching, "clearly trying to pour gas on a fire."

After a beat down that left Hunter's blood on the walls, Rumer merely motioned to Page to clean it up, Page's affidavit said.

Rumer has denied the allegations against him.


Staff reporter Noelle Phillips contributed to this report.