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NYC has fewest female firefighters in nation, tries to boost numbers

First Published      Last Updated Jan 30 2014 11:59 am
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She is among at least a dozen women who attend training sessions twice a week held by the United Women Firefighters.

During a recent session, former Marine Thompson Plyler put a group of about seven women through a grueling course of leg and grip strengthening.

"I want to know you can carry my loved ones to safety," he shouted as the women did hundreds of squats and lifts and ran stairs wearing 50-pound weight vests. One woman fled to puke in the bathroom as Srisakul hollered.

"We want to make you stronger," she said, as the temperature climbed in the workout room.

"You want to know how many flights of stairs I walked up during Sandy?" Srisakul said.

The answer? 100.