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Millions of animals need human help during deep freeze

First Published      Last Updated Jan 08 2014 11:58 am
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Ormsby and at least 25 of the calves, sheep and other old goats are wearing coats specially made for them by a volunteer.

Chickens are susceptible to frostbite on their wattles and combs, Coston said, so they are covered with Vaseline.

At Dr. Caroline Flower's office in Chester, Conn., every dog through the door has been wearing a coat this week. Receptionist-technician Cathy Troncoso said her dogs would be wearing them too, but they don't make the outerwear big enough to fit her two 125-pound Pyrenees dogs.

The cold forced colleague Ashley Bogert to move her backyard rabbit, Mr. Bun-Buns, into her bathroom. "He loves it," she said, but she's looking forward to getting the room back to herself.

Dr. Jeff Werber in balmy Southern California offered a few tips for helping pets de-stress after being cooped up indoors for a week — pheromone collars or a natural calming herb like California poppy, Valerian root, passion flower or chamomile.