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Rescuers find debris, survivors after plane crash

First Published      Last Updated Dec 13 2013 10:08 am
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Three survivors were transported by helicopter to a Honolulu hospital, two declined to be medically evacuated, and three were taken to Molokai General Hospital with minor injuries, officials said.

Molokai hospital staff helped them dry their clothing and gave them a place to rest until they could get rooms at the island's only hotel, Lite said. They checked out of the hotel early Thursday.

No further information was available on the other passengers or the pilot.

Fuddy and Yamamoto were on the flight after an annual visit to Kalaupapa, where the state exiled leprosy patients until 1969. The area is accessible only by plane or mule.

The leprosy settlement on Kalaupapa is still run by the Health Department, though only a few former leprosy patients continue to live there.

The NTSB had no records of accidents for Makani Kai Air dating back to 1962, while the FAA had records of only two minor incidents that resulted in no injuries.

In 2012, a piece of trash got caught in a helicopter causing the pilot to abort takeoff. In 1998, a pilot heard a noise in the main rotor and landed in an open field with no injuries.


Associated Press writers Oskar Garcia and Audrey McAvoy contributed to this report.