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NASA’s newest Mars flyer will explore atmosphere

First Published      Last Updated Nov 16 2013 01:36 pm
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Attached to one of Maven's solar wings is a DVD containing more than 100,000 names submitted by the public earlier this year, as well as more than 1,000 Japanese-style haiku verses, also penned by the public, and 377 student art contest entries.

The Maven team liked this haiku from an anonymous contributor:

"Amidst sand and stars/We scan a lifeless planet/To escape its fate."

But this haiku was the No. 1 public vote-getter, submitted by British blogger Benedict Smith:

"It's funny, they named/Mars after the God of War/Have a look at Earth."



NASA: http://www.nasa.gov/maven

University of Colorado: http://lasp.colorado.edu/home/maven/