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This naked, dancing mannequin is absolutely bizarre, strangely perfect

First Published      Last Updated Oct 26 2013 07:13 pm

It's just a typical trip to the local grocery — with a spastic, naked male mannequin dancing, riding a crashing car, floating away. #NBD

The video above, called "late for a meeting," went up on YouTube Friday. It was posted by David Lewandowski and is a follow-up to "going to the store," a similar video posted two years ago.

Both videos are totally bizarre, and yet I couldn't look away. I'm not alone either; "late for a meeting" had 1.1. million views by Saturday afternoon. And Lewandowski's earlier effort has a whopping 15 million views.

According to Lewandowski's Twitter bio, he's "just a kawaii bro trying 2 make vidz and friends." To which I say, Godspeed, sir.


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