Golf: Holes-in-one

First Published Sep 02 2014 12:29PM      Last Updated Oct 03 2014 02:16 pm

Forest Dale. Alex Howlett. No. 3, 123 yards, wedge. With Jack Archibald, Ryan Larson and Pete Rayner.

Mountain View. Jim Wright. No. 16, 139 yards, 8-iron. With Josh Wright.

Forest Dale. Fletcher Gross. No. 8, 110 yards, wedge. With Ben Jury and Kevin Ford.

Glendale. Jesse Cope. No. 4, 136 yards, wedge. With Cody Cope, Aaron Cope and Kyle Bekeberg.

Fore Lakes. Fred Tuckey. No. 11, 140 yards, 8-iron. With Jason Elwell.

Glenmoor. Bill Brown. No. 13, 134 yards, 9-iron. With Jerry Combs, Jason Lanier and Craig Spooner.

Glenmoor. Steve Hall. No. 13, 110 yards, wedge. With Taylor Hall.





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