Jazz hopeful Bost looks to avoid return to Boise

First Published Aug 23 2014 10:44AM      Last Updated Aug 23 2014 11:04 pm
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"Last year was probably the first year I became a true point guard," he said. "I was looking to set guys up. In college, I spent a lot of time scoring and shooting.

"I felt like last year was the first year going down and running the team."

Bost was one of about 20 free agents who were invited to a Jazz mini-camp in June, Bost’s second workout for the Jazz. The point guard said he felt good about his performance in front of Utah officials.

"I think that was probably one of the best camps I had this summer," he said. "I was coming in being vocal and being a leader on the floor. There were a bunch of guys in there, a lot of random guys, and I felt like a leader."

The performance helped earn him a three-year deal with the Jazz.

For former Stampede coach Mike Peck, the deal is the shot at the NBA he was surprised Bost didn’t receive during last season.

"Especially early on, I kind of thought after getting off to the good start we had and the way he was playing coming out of camp with Portland, I honestly though he did as much as he could do to at least earn a 10-day with somebody, somewhere," Peck said. "But I’m not in the front office of those NBA teams."

Still, only a small part of Bost’s deal is guaranteed, sources said the guard faces unfavorable odds and a return to Idaho could be in his future.

Should Bost find himself back in Boise, Peck’s advice to his former player would be the same thing he told him last year.

"I think in today’s game and society everything is so now. I want it now. If I don’t get it now I’m moving on," Peck said. "My whole message to our guys is just stay the course. Have that stick-to-itiveness where you hunker down. It may not happen today, tomorrow, in a month. It may not happen this season. That’s OK. It takes time. It will happen.

"His production and performance clearly shows he belongs. To get a shot and an opportunity is obviously the goal for anybody. Dee is clearly on that path."





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