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Here's transcript of BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall's radio chat with Jim Rome

First Published      Last Updated Sep 10 2013 12:54 pm

BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall appeared on Jim Rome's radio show Tuesday morning to discuss the program's big 40-21 win over No. 15 Texas and wound up talking about a variety of issues, including the rivalry with the University of Utah and why he changed his mind on the decision to put the core values on the backs of players' jerseys.

Bronco also talked about the go hard, go fast offense, the types of players he recruits to BYU, why good friend Texas coach Mack Brown fired his defensive coordinator, and more.

Here's a transcript of the interview (questions from Rome are paraphrased), which last almost 12 minutes:


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On the season-opening loss to Virginia and what he came away from there thinking about his team:

"I had a lot of questions about my team. Not necessarily about the type of young men that I have, or the reason or purpose we are playing the game here. We have gone to a different style of offense, certainly uptempo, one of the fastest in the country.

I thought I had a great idea of where we currently stood coming out of fall camp, and how many points we would generate, in relation to the [number] of plays we were running. And that didn't happen in our opener.

It put an extreme amount of pressure on our defense, running more plays, and we didn't get the point total offensive.

Man, where I thought we were and where we were were two different places. We had a ton of work to do in getting ready for Texas, which was just one week away from that game."

On improving the most from first game to second game:

"That's exactly how it played out, and I was hopeful that we would see that. Our team embraced a more stringent and certainly more difficult practice regimen. We knew we were facing certainty in terms of a really good opponent coming in and having to get a lot of work out of the players. Luckily they trusted me. Luckily they embraced that expectation and they believed that if we did put in this amount of work, we would have a great chance to be successful."

On what the go fast, go hard offense is all about:

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