SUU drops Harry Reid’s name from building after protests

First Published Aug 29 2014 02:18PM      Last Updated Aug 29 2014 11:28 pm

Cedar City • U.S. Sen. Harry Reid is no longer a part of the Southern Utah University Outdoor Engagement Center. SUU President Scott Wyatt decided to make some changes that called for the Nevada Democrat’s name to be removed from the building.

Several months ago, some concerned citizens met with Wyatt, calling for the removal of Reid’s name from the center.

After taking the summer to consider the citizens’ request and spending time talking with the administrators at the Outdoor Engagement Center, Wyatt came up with a solution: Reid’s name would be removed from that center, but his name still would be retained on campus, standing alone as the Harry Reid Center.

The building for that center, however, does not exist — yet.

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