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UTA fails to report $14.26M in retirement benefits

First Published Aug 19 2014 01:01AM      Last Updated Oct 04 2014 08:51 pm

(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) A steady flow of Trax train riders enter and exit trains at the 1300 South station, August 1, 2014. Government statistics show Salt Lake City and West Valley ranking 22nd nationally for transit rides per capita, indicating a growing acceptance of transit.
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The 2013 compensation for Allegra — who was recently given the expanded title of president, CEO and general manager of UTA — included a salary of $178,881, a $30,000 bonus, paid leave of $49,677 and benefits (such as insurance and pension) of $139,412.

In comparison, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert’s total compensation package in 2013 was $151,294, less than half of some UTA executives, with no bonus included.

Barron said UTA is "not out there actively seeking a tax increase," and he said that is a matter for the Legislature and other governments.

UTA testified in favor of an unsuccessful bill this year that would have raised the current cap on sales tax for transit and would have allowed counties to hold elections on raising those taxes.


Utah Transit Authority 2013 compensation higher than previously reported.

Mistaken and corrected amounts reported by UTA for some top officials. Includes salary, bonuses, benefits and paid leave:

» Paul O’Brien, retired rail service general manager. Original: $450,618. Corrected: $511,109. Difference: $60,491.

» Michael Allegra, general manager. Original: $346,248. Corrected: $397,970. Difference: $51,722.

» Bruce Jones, general counsel. Original: $333,217. Corrected: $384,188. Difference: $50,971.

» Jerry Benson, chief operating officer. Original: $262,626. Corrected: $306,046. Difference: $43,420.

» Clair Fiet,chief technology officer. Original: $241,707. Corrected: $280,794. Difference: $39,087.

» Andrea Packer, chief communications officer. Original: $234,280. Corrected: $275,281. Difference: $41,001.

» Robert Biles, chief financial officer. Original: $234,370. Corrected: $272,476. Difference: $38,106.

Also, the UTA board has set an official goal of seeking full funding for the state’s unified 2040 transportation plan and new transit and transportation projects in it.

UTA officials have testified to the Legislature that plan would require raising sales tax for transit to a penny per $1 purchase. It is now 0.69 cents per $1 in Salt Lake County; 0.55 cents in Utah, Davis, Weber and Box Elder counties; and 0.3 cents in Tooele County.





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