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New TRAX lines still short of ridership projections

First Published      Last Updated Dec 11 2013 08:23 pm

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One sign of popularity, at least at TRAX's end-of-the-line West Valley Central Station, is that its parking lot there has been essentially at capacity since the day the line opened.

UTA data show that the parking lot has 139 available parking spots—and averaged 123 cars there at opening, and weekly averages hit as high as 137 last March and April.

UTA has been trying to encourage riders to use, as an alternate, the Decker Lake Station near the Maverik Center. It has 250 parking spots available. At first, an average of only 22 cars a day were using parking there, but that has grown to an average of 59 in October—meaning hundreds of spots are still available there daily.

"There is plenty of complimentary parking there [at Decker Lake], and we encourage people to use it—especially those whose travel would be about the same distance to there or the West Valley Central Station," Carpenter said.