Letter: Pulling Reid honor at SUU a spineless act

First Published Sep 02 2014 04:32PM      Last Updated Oct 03 2014 02:16 pm

As a graduate of Southern Utah University, I am deeply discouraged by the actions of a handful of conservative extremists from Cedar City who want to impose their personal political bias on the university, and disappointed in SUU President Scott Wyatt, who so spinelessly acceded to that pressure.

Sen. Harry Reid is an alumnus of Southern Utah and has distinguished himself in his professional life, rising to the position of majority leader in the Senate of the United States. Every school likes to honor its former students who have gone on to achieve importance and success. What could Paul Cozzens and Dave Miller possibly object to in having Reid’s name appear on a building at his former school? Oh yeah, he’s a Democrat. He’s the enemy.

Cozzens cited "a conservative base in southern Utah" as sufficient reason to remove Reid’s name, and Miller, apparently without irony, stated that SUU "doesn’t need to be distracted by politics."

We didn’t know and didn’t care about the political beliefs of the people whose names appeared on campus buildings when I was a student. If Miller and Cozzens don’t want SUU to be distracted by politics, they can begin by sparing us their own.

William Brough






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