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Letter: Sen. Hatch’s commentary a waste of space

First Published Sep 01 2014 03:21PM      Last Updated Oct 03 2014 02:16 pm

To Sen. Orrin Hatch, re the United Nations takeover of America in your op-ed piece of August 30: It was a waste of space.

After oozing between Utah and Washington for lo these many years, surely you must recognize that America is in no danger from the U.N. We hate it, we don’t like paying our dues, and we view the U.N. with a kind of infantile paranoia. American exceptionalism excludes most everything to do with the U.N. as well as international law.

America is a king-baby country, kept that way by right-wing xenophobes. So why did you write the op-ed piece? To stir up your base in LaVerkin? We prefer your raves about "nutcakes" and "dumb-ass quotes" and your more thoughtful contemplations, such as "capital punishment is a way of recognizing our sanctity for human life." That’s the Orrin we know and love.

Jim Ure

Salt Lake City





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