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Letter: Woman in abandoned-baby case a good friend

First Published Aug 29 2014 05:05PM      Last Updated Aug 29 2014 05:05 pm

I was devastated to learn this week that a friend that I’ve known for five years, Alicia Englert, made a terrible decision with a baby that will never be forgotten. I cannot understand any of this because I know her to be a kind, loving, and caring human being. She is someone who has been trusted to care for other people’s children for years; she was always kind, caring, and thoughtful to my children, and they considered her a friend.

I am not able to process the hurt and pain caused by the terrible decision my friend made this week, nor can I understand how someone could be so confused and scared to make such a terrible decision.

But I can call her my friend because I know in my heart she is a good person, someone who always showed compassion and love to any child she knew. But I also believe she is a very scared and confused person.

I hope with all my heart that her baby will fully recover from this tragedy and trauma to grow up to be a good friend, like my friend: Alicia Englert.

Rick Dever

Salt Lake City





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