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Letter: Recreation fees are double taxation

First Published Aug 27 2014 04:19PM      Last Updated Aug 27 2014 05:26 pm

As the National Parks Service celebrates its 98th birthday, Rob Bishop, U. S. House of Representatives District 1, has introduced the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Modernization Act of 2014 (HR 5204) to charge access fees for our national forests and other federal public lands. Yes, fees in addition to the taxes already paid.

Imagine a fee to hike, ride your horse, snowmobile, ride an ATV or picnic. A fee to use the now free shuttle buses at Zion and Bryce national parks, or stop at a visitor center or take a ranger-led nature walk. Fees to fish or hunt elk and deer. Fees will be required to visit any federal public land with toilet or parking facilities.

To get this bill past both the Senate and House of Representatives, Bishop may attach it to the 2015 appropriations bill rather than have it stand alone for congressional debate. This is a tactic he has condemned Democrats for.

Rep. Rob Bishop will limit our free access to federally managed public lands. Rep. Bishop will make sure we pay twice with taxes and fees. Rob Bishop is for double taxation.

Kathleen Snyder






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