Letter: Don’t rush to judge bus driver

First Published Aug 27 2014 04:19PM      Last Updated Aug 27 2014 05:26 pm

A lot has been said about the bus driver who is charged for touching a couple of girls inappropriately while buckling them in their seat belts.

Without being there, it’s impossible to know exactly what went on, but anyone who has tried to buckle a young child in a seat must know that in order to strap them in properly, it’s almost impossible to put the child in the seat without sitting them on top of the strap that goes in front of them. Grabbing the strap requires reaching under the child and between their legs.

A camera or anyone watching could easily perceive this as an inappropriate act in a completely innocent action.

This being said, the charges should be looked into, but keep in mind that his actions could have been more innocent than they appeared.

Jerry E. Shepherd

West Valley City





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