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The Commentariat: A sampling of reader comments posted on sltrib.com

First Published Aug 29 2014 05:05PM      Last Updated Aug 29 2014 05:05 pm

"The entire breathing public has been telling the Utah lawmakers that the UTA is out of control for years. The real test will be if the Utah lawmakers actually do anything about it."

— citizen110451

commenting on the August 26 sltrib.com article, "Audit blasts UTA, says it gave millions in sweetheart deals"

"I believe the organized resistance to Common Core is rooted in the fear it might actually work and the test scores of public school children will start to improve dashing the hopes of the privatization schemers and the religious zealots hoping to gain control of the curriculum.

— tck62

commenting on the August 27 Tribune editorial, "Anti-Common Core mood based on ignorance"

The following is excerpted from a thread of comments made in response to the August 26 sltrib.com article, "Board ousts Paul Mero as Sutherland Institute president":

"Oh, Jeez. They just replaced a total religious moron with a more whacked religious moron."

— SkierJim7

"Your bigotry against people of faith in God is showing."

— Today



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