Letter: Lockhart stars in Utah’s education soap opera

First Published Aug 26 2014 04:37PM      Last Updated Aug 26 2014 05:27 pm

Hmmm. Deputy Superintendent of Education Hales quickly and quietly resigned from her position this month. Superintendent of Education Menlove left shortly after in an equally strange way. The details are murky, hidden in secrecy. A man without any public education experience was hurried in by barely half the Utah Education Board to take Menlove’s place temporarily. Interesting that this man’s wife is suing the Utah Charter School Board because she was fired from a position as director of a charter school. But wait! The plot thickens. (And offers a little comic relief to our pitiful Utah education situation.) Guess who is going to run for Utah school superintendent? No other than Becky Lockhart, that photogenic little Speaker of the House who has no experience at all in public education. The one who suggested we spend $300 million to put a digital device in the hands of every Utah student. The one who supported giving each school a grade of A -F based on test scores.

I taught public school for 37 years and retired just when crazy ideas such as these were starting. My teacher friends tell me how bad the situation has become with the constant testing, the lack of small class size, the failure to obtain adequate materials, the lack of time for meaningful teaching. Becky Lockhart is quoted in the Tribune as saying, "I have spent many hours pondering the possibilities and opportunities for me to continue to serve Utah and her residents."

Well, Becky, you were trained as a nurse. Utah has a desperate need for good nurses. You would not have your picture in the paper continually, as you do now, but you would definitely be serving Utah.

Elsa Iensatsch






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