Letter: Mike Lee should do his own job

First Published Aug 26 2014 04:37PM      Last Updated Aug 26 2014 05:27 pm

I was deeply disappointed in Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s newest idea – to have Congress become more involved in federal agencies ("Utah Senator Mike Lee wants Congress to sign off on new federal rules," August 22, 2014).

Sen. Lee has been a highly visible, vocal and extremely partisan member of a Congress that has been unable to pass a budget, to effectively deal with ongoing humanitarian crises (such as immigration), to approve many qualified candidates lawfully appointed by President Obama, and to make reasonable, legislative fixes to "Obamacare" so that it can work well (now that it is – really – the law of the land).

Sen. Lee needs to attend to the "plank" in his Congress’ eye before he concerns himself with the "mote" in the federal agencies’ eye. Please go do your job, Senator Lee.

Jenifer Lloyd

Cottonwood Heights





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