Letter: I can’t even read the ‘news’ you print

First Published Aug 22 2014 05:47PM      Last Updated Aug 22 2014 05:47 pm

My Salt Lake Tribune carrier is great. My paper is never wet, easy to spot in the driveway and arrives early in the dark a.m. before I leave for work. Thus I was dismayed when a Deseret News showed up in my driveway last week. (My husband said it was replaced within an hour).

During my lunch break I tried to endure the filtered news, wincing at headlines and breezing past the two publishable (?) letters to the editor while missing my favorite Wednesday food section and Stuart Melling’s delicious words, Brian Maffly’s environmental investigations, Leonard Pitts’ opines and Ann Cannon’s bemusings. (Yes, I know where she came from. But we have her now).

I had to quit after partially reading "How to win the war on families." (So Utah, so First World, so not a real problem.) Indeed, I did not peruse the DN as I do my Trib because Bob Dylan’s "Idiot Wind" laced through my brain, "I can’t even touch the books you read" replaced with "I can’t even read the ‘news’ you print."

If the future offers nothing but the DN, I want no part of it. God save The Tribune.

Janae Wallace Boyer

Salt Lake City





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