Letter: Why is Fairmont Park neglected?

First Published Aug 21 2014 04:33PM      Last Updated Aug 21 2014 04:33 pm

Why does Fairmont Park seem to be neglected? While the larger Sugar House Park has lush grass and a clean pond, Fairmont is the opposite. The grass is full of weeds, and barren in several parts. The area is prone to flooding, leaving sidewalks too full of water and mud for me and my daughter’s stroller.

There has been extensive trail and sod work done at Sugar House during the last year, yet Fairmont has the same broken bridge for the last three years. Sugar House is patrolled by police, yet no one seems to care about the large vagrant population at Fairmont.

Now that we have the S-Line streetcar, can’t we put more effort and funding into Fairmont?

Zachary Hildebrand

Salt Lake City





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