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Letter: Public grounds should set water-saving examples

First Published Aug 22 2014 04:12PM      Last Updated Aug 22 2014 04:12 pm

For my mental and physical health I walk regularly in the Bountiful Cemetery, where I am appalled at the wasteful use of water. During and right after a huge storm, thousands of gallons of water are being sprayed on that city property to keep it lush and green just as Mother Nature is doing the job more than adequately.

When I phoned the cemetery to ask why they are watering when it is so obviously unnecessary, I was told that they do not have the technology to change their watering patterns according to the weather. Surprising, as I often see workers there taking care of the grounds. Can it really be that impossible for someone to turn off the sprinklers when it is stormy just as I do in my home, or come up with a computer model using sensors?

All government entities, including parks, cemeteries and golf courses, should be the first ones to lead by example, and those responsible for these entities should be held accountable.

I’m guessing that the Bountiful Cemetery is not the only government entity ignoring Utah’s Slow-the-Flow mandate. Any others out there? Let’s put our heads together and solve this not-so-difficult problem.

Darlene Thayne






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