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Letter: Limbaugh’s cracks about Williams were despicable

First Published Aug 21 2014 04:33PM      Last Updated Aug 21 2014 04:33 pm

When Rush Limbaugh several years back made fun of Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease, I didn’t think that he could sink any lower as regards tastelessness and insensitivity, but I was wrong. His recent attempt to politicize the suicide of Robin Williams was despicable.

Every time that Limbaugh gets a lot of negative feedback because of one of his imbecilic remarks, he claims that he was either misquoted or that his remark was taken out of context. I find it sad that there are as many people as there are that not only listen to him but also endorse some of his ignorant, hateful and bigoted remarks. It makes one wonder what kind of a society are we living in.

Vincent Edmond

Salt Lake City





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