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First Published Aug 22 2014 04:20PM      Last Updated Aug 22 2014 04:20 pm

"Public opinion is irrelevant when we are talking about civil rights."

— Raffle

commenting on the August 18 sltrib.com article, "Utah poll: Most oppose gay marriage, think Supreme Court will legalize it"

"There are guarantees in life. Boy Scouts getting lost and people dying on ATVs. Every summer."

— Newtah

commenting on the August 20 sltrib.com article, "Scouts make it out of Utah hills on own, after major rescue effort launched"

"It is sad ... that the level of police misconduct in this country has so much (and justifiably so) eroded our trust. The police did this to themselves: Now I need solid, material evidence to vindicate a police officer. Blame not only the ‘few bad apples,’ but also their even more numerous enablers and defenders."

— Guest

commenting on the Aug. 19 sltrib.com article, "Utah officer who shot Dillon Taylor was wearing a body camera"

The following comment thread was posted in response to the August 20 Associated Press | sltrib.com article, "Mormon-owned BYU removes gay-marriage cards at bookstore":



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