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Letter: People with suicidal thoughts must reach out

First Published Aug 20 2014 04:23PM      Last Updated Aug 20 2014 07:52 pm

I’d like to say goodbye to our friend and fellow space alien (we’re all astronauts on a big, fragile spaceship) Robin Williams. The international grief elicited by his passing verifies the saying, "No man is an island."

I am the survivor of two and a half suicides. The first two were "successful." (I love that term.)

When the love of my life tried to blow her brains out, I was able to intervene. It broke us up and broke my heart. I didn’t save her life — God and the medics did. I just made the 911 call.

The shock and grief I felt, well, it’s been four years and I am almost over it, thanks to some therapy.

People, if you are the victim of suicidal thoughts, reach out! Save your survivors the pure hell caused by your premature demise.

Goodbye, Mork, my friend and inspiration. May God rest your tortured soul.

Alan E. Wright






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