Letter: Education is more than just a school

First Published Aug 22 2014 04:12PM      Last Updated Aug 22 2014 04:12 pm

There is the huge chasm in economic circumstances between the rich and the poor and this disparity continues to grow as the rich increasingly control the resources of the world. This disparity fuels discontent and frustration within the middle and poorer strata of the population as they continue to lose control of their own futures.

This is mainly related to another disparity, which is the availability of education.

Education is not just a matter of having a building called a school and a person called a teacher who stands in front of the classroom imparting knowledge. Education is dependent on environment and nurturing as well. Poverty breeds poverty as well as ignorance and it sucks the very life out of people along with their pride and initiative.

It is truly amazing how much cruelty exists in the world because people of one religious sect or ideology want to force their beliefs on everyone else. It is really a shame that we can’t live in a world where the principles of love and charity take the place of greed and exclusivity.

Karlan Douglas

Washington, Utah





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