Letter: Why didn’t God intervene?

First Published Aug 18 2014 04:36PM      Last Updated Aug 18 2014 04:36 pm

Jan Harding remained in critical condition at the University of Utah Hospital after unknowingly drinking sweet tea poisoned with lye ("Woman who drank poisoned tea still critical," Tribune, August 15).

But Dan Walker, executive director of the Salt Lake Baptist Association, predictably remarked, "By the grace of God, the doctor on duty [when she arrived] was the Chief of the U of U Burn Unit."

Too bad this same purportedly omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent god didn’t have the good grace to tell Harding not to drink the tea, as any reasonable person would have done.

Now why would that be?

For the same reason that He didn’t tell Jim Jones’ religious followers not to drink the Kool-Aid:

God is imaginary. Or evil. You choose.

And, in the midst of tragedies, at least have the good grace to stop the nonsensical preachings of how wonderful He supposedly is.

Greg Clark

Salt Lake City





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