Letter: UTA needs to cut costs, not raise taxes

First Published Aug 15 2014 04:40PM      Last Updated Aug 15 2014 04:41 pm

With the public clamoring for more late-night and weekend bus and TRAX service, the Utah Transit Authority claims they don’t have the money for it ("UTA says it needs more money to add service," Aug. 12). The UTA board says it will seek more money through a possible sales-tax hike and a distance charge rather than a flat fee.

I have a better idea. Why not cut the excessive pay and bonuses the company pays out to its CEO and other executives? The Tribune reported on April 14 that UTA general manager Michael Allegra netted over $346,000 last year, while its general counsel Bruce Jones raked in over $330,000 in pay and bonuses.( The governor ‘s salary is a meager $150,000 and change.)

Utahns should let the UTA know that they favor better service but oppose any tax hikes..

Marty Bernstein






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