Letter: Don’t think of UTOPIA as a utility

First Published Aug 15 2014 04:23PM      Last Updated Aug 15 2014 04:28 pm

It is a horrible mistake to think of UTOPIA as a "utility." Brigham City is considering a "utility tax/fee" to help stabilize the UTOPIA fiasco. Why? Because, as I have said before, it is a disaster from the start. I work for a real utility. We have strict regulations, set pricing, set fees and intense oversight. Private companies, not so much, to say the least. UTOPIA is a private business. I work with a man who has 100Mb service from UTOPIA in West Valley for $65 per month, grand total! That is his "buy-in" fee, ISP fee and speed fee combined.

What do Brigham residents pay? Wow! Brigham residents can’t even hope for Google fiber to come to the rescue like they have in Provo.

Don’t make the UTA mistake with UTOPIA. The CVTD bus system in Logan is a "utility" service. UTA is out to make as much money as they can, but people have bought into thinking of them as a utility. The bus system is free in Cache Valley — any bus, anywhere. UTA uses the same tax income as CVTD, and still charges an additional fee to ride. Allow this UTOPIA fee, and we all get taken for a "ride" again.

Mark J. Creager

Brigham City





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