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Letter: Rideshare drivers should meet taxi standards

First Published Aug 14 2014 05:12PM      Last Updated Aug 14 2014 05:30 pm

There are three serious problems with ridesharing which were not addressed in your editorial Saturday ("Salt Lake should accept Uber and Lyft," Aug. 9). As noted in your Friday article, rideshare drivers are "generally only driving a few hours a week" and "have the option not to pick up anyone, or to end a ride anytime …." Across the country, taxicabs generally operate pursuant to Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity. Under Salt Lake City Ordinances, taxicab companies are required 24 hours per day to have a sufficient number of drivers to meet the public needs and may not refuse fares except for safety reasons.

Second, fares for taxicabs are regulated by the city, with a view to making them fair and reasonable to all concerned. Rideshare drivers, on the other hand, can charge whatever they want.

Finally, rideshare drivers have not been fingerprinted and have not gone through extensive background checks by the police department, nor have their vehicles been subject to extensive city inspections. To protect the travelling public and maintain a level playing field, rideshare must be subject to all of these protections.

Mark Hatch

Salt Lake City





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