Letter: Take responsibility for living on hill

First Published Aug 08 2014 05:04PM      Last Updated Aug 08 2014 05:04 pm

I’m reading the news stories about the recent landslide in North Salt Lake and am dismayed at the unwillingness of home owners to accept at least partial responsibility for their foolish purchase of properties on or near a hillside, yet they carry no landslide insurance.

They point their fingers at the city of North Salt Lake, developers and engineers. Although these people are experts, they cannot guarantee 100 percent that a hill will not slide, especially during periods of heavy rainfall. That is why landslide insurance is offered.

If these people cannot afford their expensive, fancy homes with a view and extra insurance in the event of a mishap like this, maybe they should live down on lower ground with us common folk who live much less luxuriously like me, but have a home on solid ground that’s 100 percent paid for.

Michael Toy






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