Letter of the week: North Salt Lake put developers before residents

First Published Aug 08 2014 05:10PM      Last Updated Aug 08 2014 05:11 pm

Regarding ("North Salt Lake evacuees angry city allowed development in slide area," August 5):

I’m sure that the developer argued to the planning commission that he had the right to use his "private property" as he chose. Utah has a culture that eschews regulation – calling it the "heavy hand of government" interfering in the free market. This is not the first case in which developers were allowed to build where it was unsafe. A similar situation occurred on Trappers Loop some years ago.

If governmental agencies are unable or unwilling to protect the rights of citizens other than the developers, then the only recourse is to hold the developer responsible and require him to provide restitution. Too often the developer walks away and those who have suffered turn to the government for assistance. This is another case of privatizing the profits while socializing the costs — the developer gets the profit while the public is stuck with the bill.

Freedom implies (and requires) responsibility.

Walt Busse

Evanston, Ill.





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