Letter: Corporations will rise to fight evil

First Published Aug 07 2014 04:50PM      Last Updated Aug 07 2014 05:20 pm

Revelation. Cliven Bundy claims God told him to fight a holy war against the Bureau of Land Management and, if necessary, the federal government. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled, 5-4, that religious beliefs trump federal law. And nothing is deemed immoral, irrational or indecent in a war purportedly against evil (Carl Schmitt), permitting the massive slaughtering of innocents.

Of course, the Methuselah-Midas of all citizens, the corporation (again, U.S. Supreme Court 5-4), could also declare to be God’s representative on earth and declare holy war against the federal government. The company could hire militias to roam the land on four-wheelers enforcing biblical law, removing offending people from the earth. And sex must lead to painful childbirth (Genesis 3:16).

Instead of leading the world toward freedom, our nation is being pulled into the bloody vortex of fighting religious wars against "evil," a shibboleth. Such wars make up most of the world’s current atrocities. However, American companies will benefit from the sales of weapons and war materials; and the U.S. Supreme Court will support it all, voting 5 to 4.

Michael M. Geer

Salt Lake City





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