Letter: Let Hoberman Arch live on

First Published Aug 06 2014 05:07PM      Last Updated Aug 06 2014 05:47 pm

I disagree with John E. Pace ("Arch had its day," Aug. 6) and cannot understand the decisions being made regarding the Hoberman Arch. I have always felt it was a very nice complement to Rice-Eccles Stadium and the Olympic torch, especially on the nights when it used to be lit with various colored lights.

What does the university need that small open space for? More room for wealthy boosters to tailgate or be wined and dined? And how in the world could the city seemingly be taken by surprise by such a donation? I would be willing to bet money that once the arch goes "into storage" it may well be the last time it is seen in public, at least in the state of Utah. I empathize with the artist(s) who designed and built it, as I am sure they must be aggrieved by these developments.

Rob O’Neill

Salt Lake City





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