Letter: Weed out unstable adoptive parents

First Published Aug 07 2014 04:50PM      Last Updated Aug 07 2014 05:20 pm

While everyone is focusing on whether or not homosexual couples should adopt children. There is something far more critical happening that should be getting our attention. People adopting children in the United States are not required to take a background check or a drug test.

That should shock you.

Anyone who is married can adopt a child or become a foster parent. Some of these couples are probably the best thing to ever happen to these children. Some are not. The reason behind not taking the time to test these parents is money. Adoption agencies are putting money ahead of a child’s best interest, when a few simple tests could weed out the unstable people and prevent neglect and abuse of children.

I am a one of these children. I was adopted as a child and wish that these tests had been required. A lot of my pain and suffering and loneliness could have been avoided. People need to realize this is happening all over the United States. In my opinion, anyone who can pass these tests and prove to be stable and loving should be given the opportunity to be wonderful parents to these children in desperate need.

What would you do if your child was affected by these choices? You would do anything in your power to protect them. These children are not as lucky as yours. Let’s make this change and require background checks and drug testing for all potential adoptive parents and foster parents. Let’s save these children.

Karinsa Hatton






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