Letter: Jordan District has talked to cities all along

First Published Aug 05 2014 03:46PM      Last Updated Aug 05 2014 04:33 pm

How can certain city councils in the Jordan School District complain about the lack of communication from the district hierarchy?

As the most recent past president of Jordan School District, I know the district held monthly meetings for two years with all the mayors and any members of their council.

Beside the board being present in the meetings, the superintendent answered any and all questions of education. The deputy superintendent went over finances. All the assistant area superintendents covered purchases; from land to computers, to future growth and possible new schools. Sometimes these gatherings lasted two to three hours. The city leaders could ask anything they wanted. They were hearing everything the district was doing to help the people in their cities.

So it is difficult to think why, now, leaders of some cities think they need better communication from the Jordan district. And need it in a signed document?

Could there be some political agendas here? This doesn’t sound like it is in the best interest of our children. Because that is all we should care about.

Rick Bojak

West Jordan





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