Letter: Let Hoberman Arch rest in peace

First Published Aug 05 2014 03:46PM      Last Updated Aug 05 2014 04:33 pm

The allure of the Hoberman Arch was the ingenious manner in which it opened and closed and served as a dynamic portal through which performers and athletes passed and were celebrated. As a static piece of engineering design and barricaded so that people cannot pass through, it is less of a thing of beauty and questionable gift to our Salt Lake community.

I can appreciate that the cost of maintaining it as an operating arch, as well as the potential liability in doing so, makes it unfeasible to have it displayed in an effective manner. As such, one questions whether this gift is a sensible use of our public monies or public space. Therefore, let’s remember it as was, in operation and beauty in 2002, and let it rest in peace.

John E. Pace

Salt Lake City





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