Letter: Expand medical cannabis use in Utah

First Published Aug 01 2014 05:24PM      Last Updated Aug 01 2014 05:24 pm

Cannabis extracts made available to Utah children with severe epilepsy is a compassionate step in a good direction, and I praise legislators such as Steve Urquhart in their efforts to help parents safely get these extracts over state borders. However, there’s a disconnect of compassion in this whole debate over this low-THC marijuana.

Where’s the medical marijuana for Utah citizens suffering from HIV/AIDS, cancer, and a host of other ailments that marijuana may help? It’s as if low-THC cannabis that isn’t smoked is somehow the magical exception to the bullheaded state and federal policies in regard to medical marijuana.

Utah legislators and citizens need to look at medical marijuana with a broader perspective, and call out our state legislators on their generous offer to provide help to some of its citizens without regard to others. Medical marijuana in Utah should be available to all of those that genuinely need it, not just a deserving few.

Tyler Matthews






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