Letter: Geist’s owner deserves more compassion

First Published Aug 01 2014 05:24PM      Last Updated Aug 01 2014 05:24 pm

Reader Pete West ("Kudos to Burbank" July 31) writes that his own dog is lovable but aggressively protective, and that Sean Kendall (Geist’s caregiver) should "grow up." West further states that "life isn’t always Disney happy or fair."

Sean Kendall may have posted his thoughts on Facebook in a rash manner, but who among us would have complete control of our emotions in an identical situation? He didn’t lose his pet to old age or even a serious illness. He lost his beloved pet in the most violent of ways possible; two bullets to the head.

I have read the letter Mr. West wrote several times. It not only lacks compassion, but seems to show a degree of spite that is totally incomprehensible. What happened to Geist was wrong, tragic, and completely preventable. Let us not add to the misery of the situation by attacking the owner of Geist, who is grieving.

My advice to Mr. West is this: Be kind. Extend a helping thought or hand to someone. Just sit for a minute and think of how you would feel in the same position.

Rowan White

Cottonwood Heights





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