Letter: Recent stories reduce faith in police

First Published Aug 01 2014 04:43PM      Last Updated Aug 01 2014 04:43 pm

I have been incredibly disappointed in our police departments across the state and even across the country. I have been hearing all of these stories on the bad officers who abuse the fact that they are enforcers of the law and will harm or even kill to do so. Just because they are law enforcement doesn’t mean they are above the law.

I know of many good police officers who are getting a bad name because of the officers who can’t control how they act and push the boundaries of the law. I would like to see the men and women of our law enforcement get the same punishment as normal civilians instead of being let off with a "slap on the wrist." All it says to the public is that we don’t even have them to rely on anymore, and the only way we will be able to solve a problem is by taking matters into our own hands.

Bring back "protect and serve" and get rid of officer brutality no matter the species or race.

Preston Skillicorn

West Jordan





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