Letter: Let Israel stand on its own

First Published Aug 01 2014 05:13PM      Last Updated Aug 01 2014 05:13 pm

George Will ("Room for a conservative internationalist policy," July 31) quoted Prime Minister Netanyahu to the effect, "The point [sic] of Israel is that Jews shall never again … depend on the kindness of strangers. Such dependency did not work out well for Jews, so Israel exists for Jewish self-defense."

But Mr. Will might also have quoted what Moshe Dayan said several decades ago, "The Americans give us money and advice. We take the money and ignore the advice."

This statement is still valid, and it is time to take Netanyahu at his word. Let us stop the money and the advice, and let us not replenish the ammunition as well as other war material which is currently used in Gaza. Supplying Israel in this war makes us co-responsible for the carnage among civilians in Gaza.

In addition, the prime minister does not speak for all Jews; only for the Zionist segment of the Jewish population which has recruited the Christian evangelical community.

But our citizens are a microcosm of the entire world with all of its diversity. They should not be equated with only one segment of society and be forced, through tax money, to support a cause, which they cannot agree with.

Ernst Rodin, M.D.






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