Letter of the week: Leggings are not pants, girls

First Published Aug 01 2014 05:11PM      Last Updated Aug 01 2014 05:11 pm

Teens of today’s generation seem to think that leggings are pants. They say that leggings are comfortable and stylish, but they don’t realize how ridiculous they look.

Some leggings are very tight and very see-through, but girls still wear them. When I walked around school I saw girls who weren’t very skinny but wore leggings that were so tight you could see every angle of butt fat. I even saw girls who wore light colored leggings and you could see their underwear right through the fabric.

As mentioned earlier, girls say that leggings are comfortable. Why not just wear sweats then? Sweats are much more comfortable and they look better than leggings.

Now when they say stylish, it’s kind of hard to see because they look tight. Leggings should be worn under a skirt or dress, not as pants. If you want to wear something with a cute shirt, wear jeans. They look good with everything. It’s kind of funny what fashion is like today and how it got so bad that leggings are now pants.

Makena Larson

South Jordan





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