Letter: Some students need more help

First Published Aug 01 2014 08:35AM      Last Updated Aug 01 2014 08:35 am

Most parents in Utah take time for their children. They take time out of their day to help their children succeed in school. I feel that high schools in Utah should personalize the educational experience for those students who don’t have a parent to help them succeed.

For children like this, it is so easy to be overlooked and fail classes. Often, they just don’t know how to ask for help.

If counselors and/or teachers took a week during the middle of a term to bring failing students in and have a talk about their needs, more students would pass.

None of the four different high schools I attended were accommodating to my personal circumstances. If one counselor had sat down and asked me even the most basic questions, they would have learned that I had seven sets of kidney stones and just needed a bit more time to get caught up on work. Instead, they treated me like a truant.

Just a bit more support, a few more questions, a touch of thoughtfulness, and I feel many more students would not only graduate, but excel.

Mia Snow






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