Letter: Why no comment on sports, entertainment salaries?

First Published Aug 01 2014 08:35AM      Last Updated Aug 01 2014 08:35 am

I keep reading about the "one percent" and the big difference between the incomes of the wealthy and the poor, or less affluent. There is a lot of conversation, verging on criticism, about those individuals who make a lot of money. There are the CEOs of large corporations, who we have to realize are responsible for the jobs of thousands, and have to answer to thousands of stockholders. Recently the emphasis has been on how much the Clintons make, specifically Chelsea Clinton, who makes $75,000 for a speaking engagement. However, something makes me curious. Through all this criticism and speculation on the income of many wealthy people, I never see comments on the huge salaries of entertainers and sports figures. Today I saw on TV that two entertainers made $64 million and $65 million last year. The sports page is filled with the huge million-dollar salaries that the athletes make. Why is there never any comment on the enormous salaries of these individuals? Makes me wonder.

Dolores Morgan






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