Letter: Why charge fee for using less power?

First Published Jul 29 2014 03:52PM      Last Updated Jul 29 2014 03:52 pm

The debate about a special fee for self-generation customers strikes me as very curious. Suppose that I purchased a typical home and then replaced light fixtures and appliances to reduce my electric usage. Would Rocky Mountain Power propose that I pay a special fee to compensate them for my reduced usage? Seems very unlikely. Why then would they expect me to pay this new fee if I install solar panels or any other self-generation technology to reduce my electric use?

I fail to see any fundamental difference in the two cases. To be sure, self-generation has other benefits to the community such as reduced air pollution, etc. But as far as Rocky Mountain Power is concerned, reduced electric use is reduced electric use, whether I change my appliance "technology" or install solar panels.

I see no justification for the proposed new fee.

Lawrence Walters






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